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Rescind your signature from the mortgage contract and kick the mortgage company in the ledger!

Here are two sample documents you can use (rescision & notice of title dispute).  Also - it MERS was involved in your mortgage check out Alan David's podcast lecture at http://nahls.net.   ASAP  Rescind your signature on your home mortgage because the waiver section (usually article 10 of the agreement) clearly shows the bank's intent to defraud you.  Article 10 defrauds you by mis-defining what "presentment of the note" means.  It is everyone's right to demand presentment of the note.  And the mortgage companies CANNOT show the note because they couldn't resist all the money they could sell it for.  You see banks can use that note just as if it were real money on it's face value.  So other parties offer the banks money for the note so they can put it in the deposit side of their accounts and then create 10 times that amount in credit.  The banks owe you a fiduciary duty to disclose all of this to you and they are fraudulently keeping it ALL from you.  You are not only entitled to keep the house, not pay any more mortgage payments, but you are entitled to receive all the payments back from the bank so that you are restored all the payments you have made to the bank regarding these transactions.

Swami Joe

DON"T FEEL GUILTY - Rescind, and Demand to see the note today - and don't pay!


These bankers are inhumane and greedy scum.  This is why the dollar is worth probably only 2 cents of what it was worth back in the early 1900s.

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